Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Hi, My name is Stephen and I've been working in the field of animation for 25 years. Most of my time has been spent working on such feature films as Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and Cars in addition to others at Pixar Animation Studios. Currently, I spend my days creatively supervising animation and animation technology development for Walt Disney Imagineering. Prior to my professional experience, I studied character animation at Cal-Arts where I met some of my best friends.

Pixar Animation Studios

Animator 1996 - 2009

Animation shot production and Character lead work for many of Pixar's earlier animated feature films. As a Character Lead I was responsible for overseeing the development of a particular character or characters including design, modeling, articulation, and character development of the movement. A few examples are Dash (Incredibles), Celia Mae (Monsters Inc.) Bruce (Finding Nemo) Woody (Toy Story 3) Emile (Ratatouille) and others.


Pixar Animation Studios

Associate Creative Director - Theme Parks 2009 - 2015 

In this role, I partnered with the Pixar creative teams, and other Disney companies overseeing the implementation of Pixar characters and IP within the Disney Parks and Merchandise. This included Theme Park Attractions, Audio Animatronic Characters, Media, Parades, Static Sculpts, Style Guides, and Merchandise.
My area of focus but not limited to was Animation supervision of internal and external teams, Story supervision, as well as direction on graphic art created of the Pixar characters.


Walt Disney Imagineering

Animation Creative Director 2015 - Recent

 As the Animation Creative Director at Walt Disney Imagineering, I'm responsible for creatively overseeing animation development, design, direction, and supervision for Audio Animatronic characters within the Disney Parks around the world. In this role I work directly with our WDI Creative Directors as well as our Disney partner studios including PIXAR, Walt Disney Animation Studios, and Marvel Studios, ensuring that their brands and character integrity are carried through in the final animation the product we create in the Disney Park experiences.

I also supervise and direct animation media produced internally at WDI when needed. This would include Media used in attractions, onboard Cruise Ships as well as media-based theater shows.

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