Friday, May 30, 2014

Summer Animation Training

Animation Training with Stephen Gregory
Associate Creative Director Pixar Animation Studios, Academy of Art Faculty Member, The Art Connection Academy Faculty Member

As one of the first 150 employees of Pixar Animation Studios, Stephen has a unique insight into what animation studios are looking for. With close to twenty years of professional experience along with a decade of teaching the foundations of animation, Stephen can assist you in realizing your potential by providing the tools needed to achieve your animation goals.

Working one on one with Stephen is a direct mentoring experience. Stephen creates a personalized plan based on your individual goals, focusing on the areas of your work that could benefit from improvement. This is customized animation training not a class environment, therefore ensuring a personal experience for each individual. Each session typically lasts one hour in length and is recorded as a video conference that includes notes drawn over your animation tests, demos in maya of best practices, and occasional animation lectures. Typical examples of this mentorship include but are not limited to: creating or improving your animation demo reel, mentoring of individualized animation assignments, and overall general animation foundations and principles. Perfect for beginners and seasoned animators alike. Pricing is flexible and based on individual needs.

Interested parties can contact Stephen at


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